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Libro. 1879, London (Reino Unido). Editado por: Chiswick Press: C. Whittingham, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane

Autor/a/es: Sir E. Landseer

Humanidades: Artes Aplicadas, Historia.

Descripción: PREFACE: The late Mr. Thornbury lost such an opportunity of writing a worthy biography of Turner as will never occur again. How he dealt with the valuable materials which he collected is well known to all who have had to test the accuracy of his statements; and unfortunately many of the channels from which he derived information have since been closed by death. Mr. Buskin, who might have helped so much, has contributed little to the life of the artist but some brilliant passages of pathetic rhetoric. Overgrown by his luxuriant eloquence, and buried beneath the debris of Thornbury, the ruins of Turner’s Life lay hidden till last year.
Mr. Hamerton’s “Life of Turner ” has done much to remove a very serious blot from English literature. Very careful, but very frank, it presents a clear and … (Más información)